Welcome to Villa Christine

Villa Christine is home for health and well-being - a place to return to for tranquility, for recharging, for finding new energy flow. Our venue is perfect for retreats, yoga and tai chi courses, meditation gatherings or choir weekends. We are regularly hosting courses and camps, different seminars and music concerts. Numerous organizations and companies have arranged successful meetings or staff recreation days at our villa.

We serve our guests healthy and good food. The food is prepared in our own kitchen grounded on our filosophy, using ingredients of organic and local produce. We want to be generous to our guests but prudent with the environment.

Villa Christine is located in the picturesque and historical Tenala village, Raasepori, approx. 12 km from Tammisaari (Ekenäs), by open fields and forest hills with a view over the Gennarby lake.

You can reserve Villa Christine exclusively for your group or book a night for yourself and your company at our B&B during summer season. Don't hesitate to keep in touch also outside summer season if you are looking for a longer term accommodation arrangement.

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